The Woodforde Family

A History of the Woodforde Family from 1300




Woodford of Leicestershire

Wiltshire Origins
The Woodford Cartulary
Source Material

The Leicestershire Woodford family
John Woodford of Brentingby

The Prest(on) family of Melton Mowbray
Walter Prest and the Wool Merchants

The Manor of Brentingby
The Brentingby Wall paintings

Woodford Heraldry
William de Woodford
Leicester Woodford Descent to1455
John Woodford of Ashby Folville

The Leicestershire Folville Family
Sir Robert Woodford

William Neville, the Good Knight
Thomas Woodford
Leics descent from Robert Woodford
Ralph Woodford of Ashby Folville
Tomb of Ralph Woodford, Ashby Folville

Further family artefacts at Ashby Folville
Margaret Woodford
The Sons of Ralph Woodford
Dispersal of the Leicestershire family



Source material

A family heirloom

Genealogical research messages

A descent from 14th Century to present day

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Woodforde Writers   (new)

Pedigree downloads

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Woodforde of Northants 1500-1650
Woodford of Carelby, Lincs 1606-c1857
Woodford-Clark c1830-present
Prest(on) -Woodford-Belers-Talbot c1340-c1449 



Woodforde of Northamptonshire

The Northamptonshire Woodforde Family
The Will of John Woodford of Scaldwell
The Northamptonshire Pedigree
The Leicestershire-Northants Connection
Extract from the Will of Elizabeth Wymond
The Diary of Robert Woodforde
Robert Woodforde the Diarist

The National Context for Robertís Diary
The Local Context for Robertís Diary
The Revd Thomas Ball
Northamptonshire Puritans
Martin Marprelate and Marprelate Tracts

The Diary of Robert Woodforde the Father
The Diary of a Puritan (1)
The Diary of a Puritan (2)
The Diary of a Puritan (3)
The Diary of a Steward
The Puritans in London
The Communion Table Controversy (1)
The Communion Table Controversy (2)
The Puritans and the Plague
The Journeys of Robert Woodforde
The Children of Robert Woodforde
Notes on Puritan concepts and beliefs
Bibliography relating to Robert Woodforde

Family Descent from Robert Woodforde

Woodford families in USA

Gen William Woodford of Caroline
Woodforde-Clark Descent

Grace Snyder Woodforde memories

Additional biographies

Bishop James Russell Woodford

Other downloads

Performance of Amy Woodforde-Finden's four Indian Love Lyrics in mp3 format available on this page



Woodforde of Ansford

Dr Samuel Woodforde (the `Divine')
Ansford Descent to Locking
Revd Alexander John Woodforde
Samuel Woodforde RA

Revd Dr Christopher Woodforde
Dorothy Heighes Woodforde
Amy Woodforde-Finden - biography

The Music of Amy Woodforde-Finden

Dr John Woodforde and the Rapid
Ansford Biographical Notes
Ansford Descent in portraits
Clevedon (Somerset) census 1871 & 1881

Woodford of Carleby, Lincolnshire

John Woodford and the Barony of Carleby
Revd Adolphus Woodford

References and Notes

Burials in Kibworth Churchyard
Manuscript deposits in national archives
References in Northants Record Office
Wills in Northamptonshire Record Office

Names in NRO Personal Names Index
Burials at Wold, Northants (1560-1604)
Marriages at Wold, Northants (1562-1603)
Baptisms at Wold, Northants. (1560-1697)

References in Fosterís Index Ecclesiasticus

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